More Stupidity from Europe Dept.

BRITISH criminal psychologists are putting together a list of the 100 most dangerous murderers and rapists before they have committed any such crimes, The Times has reported.

Experts from London’s Metropolitan Police’s Homicide Prevention Unit are creating psychological profiles, compiled through statements from previous partners, information from mental health workers, and details of past complaints.

“My vision is that we know across London who the top 100 people are,” Homicide Prevention Unit senior criminal psychologist Laura Richard said.

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Now I want to ask anyone out there who says that we should be more like Europe to PLEASE STFU~!
Now I want to ask anyone out there who says “O Noes Bush is the debil and stealing my civil rights…” to please STFU~!

Governments all over the world want more power…. its their thing, its why governments exist.

People need to stop government from doing stupid stuff like this

end of story

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