I am Thankful

Yes another irregular blog posting out of me.

I figured giving the holiday I’d put out what I am thankful about.

I am thankful for my Mother;

She and I have had difficult times in our relationship, I am thankful that since I have started going to USF and really struggling she has been there for me to the best of her ability (some times more then I thought she should have)

I am thankful for my Father;

After his marriage to his new wife a lot of things went sour between my Dad and I. But again now that I am living on my own and talking to him things have just seemed to have moved forward in my relationship with him.

I am thankful for my roomate Kevin;

If kevin hadn’t moved down here going to USF would have been tougher for me and I’d probably been laboring and driving back and forth from Sarasota. It wouldn’t have been good on my little car or on my pocket book.

I am thankful for Bonnie (Kevin’s girlfriend);

Really while I have many loose friends up here I am thankful she is some one who has been in the closer orbit of friendship.

I am thankful for the Job I had(and will have again) at 7-11;

My first year up here my savings and student loan money got blown through real quick. The 7-11 provided me some money that slowed down that process this time. It made this year in some respects financially easier (though educationally a bit rougher)

I am thankful for Myspace (yes I said it);

I have found a whole lot of friends from my high school time on Myspace…. I am very thankful to have found and caught up with these people.

I am thankful for being in School;

I really am. As much as I just want this to be over, I am thankful that I am moving forward with my life

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