A note

I am told some of my rants are…. Well less then well edited.

I plan to fix these posts since I trusted my Spell Check when I shouldn’t have.

This is really the rant spirit I am working on here

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3 Responses to A note

  1. Sunshine Editor says:

    Firefox 2.0 has a built in spell checker that works on all form fields… including the WYSIWYG editor blogger uses to post.

    Maybe you should switch browsers to help. Just a thought. Typos are no big deal to me.

  2. L.Austin Bernard says:

    My problem is I usually edit it first in a Word Processor…

    But I will try the blogger editor

  3. Sunshine Editor says:

    The spell check function works no matter how you enter text. As long as you copy and paste from your Word Processor into the Blogger editor.

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