Rinosightings: Another Halloween in the neighborhood

((If you didn’t put up your costume and candy… I am putting it up for ya))

Another Halloween and more weird kids in my neighborhood, I really have to wonder what the heck is wrong with them.

one of the neighborhood kids came as General Jack Ripper and instead of asking for Candy he said “The only Candy I want is for the campaign commercials to end.” I was with him on that but I still gave him some circus peanuts for his troubles.

Another kid came up to my door dressed as the Church Lady wearing a Nancy Pelosi Mask….. he muttered something about Values which made me think he would appreciate some pocket change more then Candy.

The Campbell kid came dressed up as some one from Tech Support raising money for Project Valour-IT so I gave him some money and a candy apple

Another kid came dressed as a roman seer and muttered “Beware of Habeaus Corpus” he ended up with a Milkway dark for his troubles.

Another of the Weird kids came to my door dressed as Ike Turner

As you might imagine, I have been closely watching the Sheikh Taj el-Din al-Hilali case in Australia unfold with bated breath. Not only do the Sheikh and I share many similar views on ho’s, he also happens to have one of the most mackdaddyistic names that has ever been.

The kid did such a good Ike Turner impression I thought to give him a cotton swab… but I decided again to give him a blow pop instead

That swiss kid from down the road showed up and He didn’t seem to be in a costume so I asked him “What are you little boy?” he replied somewhat creepily “I’m a Death Tourist. we look like everyone else.” I felt he deserved a stale old peep I found laying in the fridge.

The Novak kid showed up wearing a white leather appron and leather gloves… but the dirt on her shoes made me think of Yemen and their problematic election. I gave the novak kid a super-jaw breaker and sent her on her way.

A kid came dressed as a Mullah with a little hand puppet looking like the Iranian President he came to me and said “Free your oppressed Candy from Gitmo” we discusssed if the Candy was held as a political prisoner or if it was all a bunch of fluff. I gave him an Almond Joy as he went off whistling “sometimes you feel like a nut…”

Then I got the Kid with the most grusome and intricate costume. He was dressed as a People’s Republic of China soldier straight out of the P.L.A. He had in his hand the head of a Tibetan Monk with a bullet hole in the back. He had some kind of pajama’s over his shoulder like he arrested some blogger or something. I was going to send him off with a fortune cookie but then I realized he was the kid who came before I was ready dressed up as the New Jersey Supreme Court. So I shooed him off with a free pocket copy of the constitution.

Chief Wahoo came to my door and I was scared, because I thought Baseball was over for the year but it turned out to be that weird Surber Kid again. I asked why he was haunting me with baseball but he said this was the nearest he could get to a “culture warrior” costume. So I subjected him to the worst thing I had…. Cleveland Browns tickets

and then a kid dressed as some horrid nightmarish wraith

“what do you want from me spirit?” I asked mockingly he told me he was the demon which punished Border Patrol Agents for doing their job I gave him some white Chocolate peanutbutter cups and sent him on his way.

And So I end another weird and scary halloween in Rino Sightings land…. so get off my lawn you darned kids

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4 Responses to Rinosightings: Another Halloween in the neighborhood

  1. Pigilito says:

    Nice job, Larry. And thanks for posting my late submission.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey Larry thats just spooky.


  3. P_G_S says:

    Awesome job!

  4. libiddybill says:

    Excellent work, Larry. “Beware Habeas Corpus.” What for? It’s dead. It won’t be bothering no power-usurping bureaucrats no more. And good thing, too. We would have been stuck under that “suicide pact” called The Constitution of these United States. I for one certain breathe much more relieved knowing saner heads have prevailed. Who needs liberty when they’re dead??

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