In the more election Stupidity Department

On the campus of the good ole University of South Florida the Kathy Castor campaign was handing out some material… now, Kathy Castor is running in a district so democrat Osama Bin Laden could probably win if he had a D next to his name

Here is where the great fun and stupidity comes in. My friend noticed a date sticker over the Vote on paraphenelia

They have November 7th put over the Vote September 5th information from the Primary.

So in the Primary where MASSIVE GAS PRICES were a major issue, that is the info she has out to the voters today when MASSIVE GAS PRICES are less of an issue

good job Kathy we see congenital idiocy is a family trait for you Castors

and with the dates confused by the stickering how many Democrats may think their voting day is November 5th not November 7th

hooray for stupidity. And because of this stupidity I would suggest you give Eddie Adams Jr. (republican canidate for the 11th district) some votes because I am sure he would not try to crudely recycle old campaign materials

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4 Responses to In the more election Stupidity Department

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why should she waste money when she already has the race locked up?

  2. Foley'sBoy says:

    I agree with the previous post. She can better use her extra cash to help other Dems win the majority.

    Hey, at least she’s not whining like the Repuds about having signs at the polls telling the Repud idiots that “a vote for Foley the predator is a vote for Negrone.”

  3. Anonymous says:

    Larry the Loser,

    29 and still in college? What a go getter your must be?

    Foreign Service – There’s a war in Iraq. Would they not let you in?

  4. L.Austin Bernard says:

    Hooray Anon Democrat people in the comment thread so lets start from bottom to top

    I am 29 and in school because I didn’t get my head right when I got out of 18 and screwed off. Sorry not everyone does it right out of the box and as for the war I wouldn’t pass the physical to make it into basic you guys do know more people are rejected at the recruiters office then accepted… oh right you don’t because your a troll looking to eat Billy Coats

    as to the only person who had a reasonable here.

    She had the race locked up from the time she won the democratic primary, but their is a difference between handing out material talking about issues from back ins september which aren’t even in play today vs handing out material relevant to the general election issues. Its about winning and being a sore winner. Thats my personal perspective

    and to the dude with the foley crack

    DUDE here is the score. Mark Foley sent Creepy (but non sexual) emails to pages

    Then (based on the only ones we were able to find) later when pages were by all standards of society adults (I.E over 18) he cybersexed them up on IM… which is kinda gross but there ya go

    and based on ONE who has come forward he had sex with one who was over twenty

    so in review what he did was creepy but not sexual predatation.

    So please try to at least keep up with the current barely covered news about the stupid foley scandal.

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