Google Bomb, Sure why not

The Democrats through this site have set us up the google bomb

i figured sure why not i’d return the favor

I feel very dirty now


Connecticut: HREF=””
TARGET=”_blank”>Ned Lamont

Maryland: HREF=”″
TARGET=”_blank”>Ben Cardin

Michigan: TARGET=”_blank”>Debbie Stanbenow
Missouri: HREF=””
TARGET=”_blank”>Claire McCaskill

Montana: HREF=””
TARGET=”_blank”>Jon Tester

New Jersey: HREF=””
TARGET=”_blank”>Bob Menendez

Tennessee: TARGET=”_blank”>Harold Ford
Virginia: HREF=”″
TARGET=”_blank”>James Webb

Democrat Held Seats

(CO-03): HREF=””
TARGET=”_blank”>John Salazar

(GA-03): TARGET=”_blank”>Jim Marshall
(GA-12): TARGET=”_blank”>John Barrow
(IA-03): HREF=”″
TARGET=”_blank”>Leonard Boswell

(IL-08): HREF=”″
TARGET=”_blank”>Melissa Bean

(IL-17): HREF=””
TARGET=”_blank”>Phil Hare

(IN-07): HREF=”″
TARGET=”_blank”>Julia Carson

(NC-13): HREF=”″
TARGET=”_blank”>Brad Miller

(PA-12): HREF=””
TARGET=”_blank”>John Murtha

(WV-01): HREF=”,2933,218581,00.html”
TARGET=”_blank”>Alan Mollohan

Republican Held Seats

(AZ-08): TARGET=”_blank”>Gabrielle Giffords
(CT-04): HREF=”″
TARGET=”_blank”>Diane Farrell

(CT-05): TARGET=”_blank”>Chris Murphy
(CO-07): HREF=””
TARGET=”_blank”>Ed Perlmutter

(IA-01): HREF=””
TARGET=”_blank”>Bruce Braley

(IL-06): TARGET=”_blank”>Tammy Duckworth
(IN-02): HREF=”″
TARGET=”_blank”>Joe Donnelly

(IN-08): HREF=””
TARGET=”_blank”>Brad Ellsworth

(IN-09): TARGET=”_blank”>Baron Hill
(FL-13): HREF=”″
TARGET=”_blank”>Christine Jennings

(FL-16): HREF=””
TARGET=”_blank”>Tim Mahoney

(FL-22): HREF=””
TARGET=”_blank”>Ron Klein

(KY-03): HREF=””
TARGET=”_blank”>John Yarmuth

(NC-01): HREF=”″
TARGET=”_blank”>Heath Shuler

(MN-06): HREF=””
TARGET=”_blank”>Patty Wetterling

(NM-01): HREF=””
TARGET=”_blank”>Patricia Madrid

(NY-20): HREF=”″
TARGET=”_blank”>Kirsten Gillibrand

(NY-24): TARGET=”_blank”>Michael Arcuri
(NY-26): HREF=””
TARGET=”_blank”>Jack Davis

(OH-15): HREF=””
TARGET=”_blank”>Mary Jo Kilroy

(OH-18): HREF=””
TARGET=”_blank”>Zack Space

(PA-06): HREF=”″
TARGET=”_blank”>Lois Murphy

(PA-08): TARGET=”_blank”>Patrick Murphy
(PA-07): HREF=”″
TARGET=”_blank”>Joe Sestak

(PA-10): HREF=”″
TARGET=”_blank”>Chris Carney

(VA-02): HREF=””
TARGET=”_blank”>Phil Kellam

(WI-08): TARGET=”_blank”>Steve Kagen

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