Bill Clinton: a comment so stupid its given me cancer

Bill Clinton in a speech about the illogicalness of conservative arguments has set standards of stupification so high I feel utterly brain dead after reading them.

“They favor unilateralism whenever possible and cooperation when it is inevitable,” Clinton said without specifically mentioning members of the Bush administration.

“The problem with ideology is, if you’ve got an ideology, you’ve already got your mind made up. You know all the answers and that makes evidence irrelevant and arguments a waste of time. You tend to govern by assertion and attacks

I start out with this one first because it really is less insulting to the intelligence of the reader and the listener.

Every political leader has a foriegn policy ideology EVERY ONE. because foriegn affairs are (yes) a political science. And as such people have philisophical views about them. Now Bill could have argued that they are to ideological…. that would have at least been intellectually honest. But to attack some one for having an ideology in a speech about political logic and honest debate makes my brain explode because of just how blatantly idiotic the very notion is.

You have to have an ideology because of how we humans work. Our brains take complex situations togther and try to find rules/systems/philosophies that explain them. Its what we do as monkeys with pants. You even have ideologies that govern things in your day to day lives.

but, the MOST stupid and MOST intellectually insulting/dishonest part is right here.

“Most of us long for politics where we have genuine arguments, vigorous disagreements but we don’t claim to have the whole truth and we don’t demonize our opponents and we work for what’s best for the American people,” he said.

Bill, this comment is so insulting I am not even going to go make the basic cursory effort to find the instances where you have demonized your opponents just THIS YEAR. I am also not going to address the fact that you said because you don’t have a world view your more right then some one who does is in fact a claim to the whole truth.

I won’t point out the fact the chairman of the democratic party says its not the democrats job to have ideas to oppose republicans.

Bill as a former DeMolay state officer I am ashamed that a fellow former DeMolay politician can’t form a better argument then this. I know that you didn’t see the moral lessons in DeMolay as important and its very clear by this speech you don’t even see keeping the same moral lesson in a single speech as even nessecary

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