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I sent a letter to the editor of my school paper

here is a preview

I watch a lot of the controversy over Ann Coulter and it happens when the
Missionaries make their semi-annual appearance on campus. For both people
are outraged, counter protests occur, and people are harassing those who
present the alternate point of view.

Both say what they say for their own reasons. The missionaries are
actuated by a world view which sees every day as your potential “last
chance” for salvation. You could be hit by the bus tomorrow and be
condemned to the lake of fire. In their world view their is no time to
waste on subtle presentation, you folks are just doomed.

But in a world where almost every religion teaches that the sovereignty of
the soul is at your on choice why do people with a deeply passionate world
view matter?

“Huh look at that they believe differently then I do.”

but when you engage them in a way of conflict and agitation they view you
as a “preachable moment” and as a chance for them to inspire the change of
Christ in your life.

Ann Coulter likewise says outrageous things, but she says them for
different reasons.

Every pie in the face Ann gets, every angry student with purple hair and
piercings that gets broadcast on the news Ann knows she just sold another
couple of hundred books. By experssing her views in such an extreme way
she guarentees sales of her books. Just as simply passing by the
Missionaries means they will not view you as a target passing by Ann
Coulter and leting her say her piece with no reaction means her books
won’t sell and eventually she to will fade away.

It sounds hokey but you control what you think and what you feel. And when
you give random street preachers and Ann Coulter the power to make you
angry then you weaken yourself

Let them say their peace and then fade back and find more fertile ground
if you truely believe them to be so wrong

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