Ok……this is odd

got this in the email from a HIGHLY dubious source but if true it puts a weird wrinkle in things going on in Iraq

note I say its HIGHLY dubious

Palestinians must leave in 72 hour
Roads to Iraq

Quds Press reported that Shiite militias threat Palestinian families living in Baghdad, a 72 hour to leave ” or to be subjected to burning and killing.”

Residents in the “Shia” neighborhood said that leaflets were distributed on the Palestinians homes, threaten them with death and burning unless they leave Baghdad within 72 hours. Sources confirmed that these leaflets distributed in curfew time, which was imposed on Baghdad since Friday evening until Sunday morning.

Also confirmed that these militias used for the first time, loudspeakers mounted on governmental cars, the Palestinians and threatens to kill them unless they leave Baghdad. reminding them that their fate would have been the fate of their fellow citizens in the municipalities located east of Baghdad.

According to the official statistics, the numbers of Palestinians who have been killed in Iraq by a Shiite militia are about 172 Palestinians, in addition to the tens of abductees and prisoners

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