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A moment of zen

Green Lantern Your stats: Autonomy: 23%Image: 30%Ideology: 40%Perspective: 40% Name: Green Lantern Alter Ego: Kyle Rayner, (previously Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Alan Scott & Guy Gardner). Abilities: Has a Power Ring that has the ability to create literally anything, limited … Continue reading

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Rinosightings: Another Halloween in the neighborhood

((If you didn’t put up your costume and candy… I am putting it up for ya)) Another Halloween and more weird kids in my neighborhood, I really have to wonder what the heck is wrong with them. one of the … Continue reading

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more amv

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Me on Dean on Islamaphobiamanaia

Now that I am back into the swing of things with the blogging I am now going to start my first cross blog mojo Dean has been a big person on Islam -a- phobia (Note…two posts are by Dean and … Continue reading

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And now for a moment of AMV

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Thank you DNC blog trolls

You may actually make me keep blogger comments in Blogger Beta As for future democratic trolls… please before making cookie cutter political cracks try looking at some of my posts and get an idea of who you are making smarmy … Continue reading

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Why can’t the RNC do stuff like this


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From the Party that tried to Kill Santa

so they tried to kill Santa, but the Republicans killed superman (H/t to everyones favorite Hot Phillipino Republican blogging/media phenome)

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Google Bomb, Sure why not

The Democrats through this site have set us up the google bomb i figured sure why not i’d return the favor I feel very dirty now Senate Connecticut: HREF=””TARGET=”_blank”>Ned LamontMaryland: HREF=”″TARGET=”_blank”>Ben CardinMichigan: TARGET=”_blank”>Debbie StanbenowMissouri: HREF=””TARGET=”_blank”>Claire McCaskillMontana: HREF=””TARGET=”_blank”>Jon TesterNew Jersey: HREF=””TARGET=”_blank”>BobContinue reading

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A videoblogger making fun of blogging

Irony ahead

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