2008 Elections, High Comedy

The Iraqi information Minister gets channeled by John Kerry

Kerry says the only reason he didn’t compete in more states in 2004 was that he ran out of money. He says this was also the reason he did not adequately respond to a series of devastating TV ads by Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth, a group that questioned Kerry’s service in Vietnam and criticized his later opposition to the war.

“They had money behind the lies, and we did not have sufficient money behind the truth,” Kerry laments.

Asked if he dreads the prospect of being “Swift-Boated” all over again, Kerry counters that he would relish such a fight.

“I’m prepared to kick their ass from one end of America to the other,” he declares. “I am so confident of my abilities to address that and to demolish it and to even turn it into a positive.

2008 looks to be trainwrecktastic just on this alone.

and the mindnumbingly stupid response from Kerry that makes me eager as a Kid living in Cambodeia on Christmas to see Kerry 2.0

Eager to shed his image as an overly cautious politician, Kerry now prefers to “let it rip,” according to several of his closest advisers.

“I learned a lot of lessons in the campaign,” Kerry tells The Examiner. “And one of them is to keep it simple. Direct.”

Really John… you mean Campaigning for Congress, Lt. Governor, and Senator Multiple times Didn’t teach you that?

glad to see your showing your ability to learn which is such an important presidential trait.

High Commedy thy name is the 08 Democratic presidential Primary

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