You ever wonder

Some mornings why you get up? when the frustration mounts and mounts and you just want to stay under the covers

today was one of those days, and after Wensday which was a very good day for me till i got home.

I have plenty of better job prospects lined up….. just not in enough guarenteed hours to help me pay the bills and suppliment what the government gives me.

Then I have my leasing office sending me a rent bill thats 60 dollars deficit the actual value of my rent….and then I get a fine over there mistake

I walking into school today see kids who are 18 and 19 with I-Pods and new cars, having bags which probably contain lap tops.

I work at a job where I see people who I know are illegal aliens (because they admit to it) with gold credit cards and cell phones.

Its moments like that where I feel like atlas and I shrug… because thats all I can afford to do

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