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Watch this before You Tube takes it down


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Wii wins

Flawless victory

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First they came for the smokers

And I did not say anything because I was not a smoker, then they came for the guns… and I said a little bit but not a lot, then they came for fastfood and i said “doode whats wrong with … Continue reading

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Ninja V Pirate

this would have been more awesome if their was a Lumberjack run-in

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I got some Comment spam of a strange sort

I deleted it but if the person who posted this spam can email me… I would like to talk to you, please.

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Alienating our Allies

In a world thats much more thoughtful, and sensitive world our metrosexual priesthood tells us “Our allies would support us…. and in the world of unintentional ironies their words end up being as ignorant and foolish as the path they … Continue reading

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More Democratic Electoral Doom

Oil Speculators are going to soak it to the democrats by leading to low oil prices Oil traders bet that such worrisome developments would drive up the future price of oil. Oil is traded in contracts for future delivery, and … Continue reading

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