Day By Day

Seen some of my links and/or know me personally and you know I love Web Comics. The (imho) best Political Web Comic of a Republican nature is Day By Day But I think Chris misses out on some of what Makes Day By Day so awesome.

Chris has lots of republican mockery of stupidity (like our boy howard dean) But what makes his comic good is when he does stuff like the current story arch

We have the Minority Republican in love with the Archliberal of the regular cast and starting here begins a story arch about her being pregnant. And in this story she mentions the abortion stuff and mortifies him. But its not a motification so much over the issue of life but over the issue that it is his son. They have a fight born of their political misunderstandings (something which I imagine happens with lots of folks) Sage advice from a mutual female friend however puts the whole thing right.

I like the Republican styled jokes and all that, but this is the stuff which makes Day by Day so great. Chris really needs to do more of it

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