Isn’t it amazing…..

My professor in my Hot Spots around the globe has an American-Left Internationalist point of view and it was pretty clear in her class…. But thats not what I am going to tear on about right now cause she like most of the professors in the poli-sci related departments here i’ve had seems nice about it.

But what gets me about people from the Leftist-Internationalist wing of the Democratic party in the United States that they say things like this “Isn’t it Amazing that their is still genocide going on in the world today?”

Pulling out the Ole Online Dictionary lets look at the word Amazing

causing great surprise or sudden wonder.

So Surprise:

Ok I got to ask…. people who blow themselves up, cut off the heads of others, practice genital mutilation, creating multiple classes of second class citizens…… I am not sure this qualifies as something which would be Surprising.

So that leaves us with Wonder:

So what people are saying, is they are caught with sudden wonder that this utterly evil people commit an act which they and most right thinking folks define as the highest definition of evil. So they are really not saying that they are amazed this is happening in the world, they are saying that they do not turn their eyes in the direction of such human evil.

Because when you see the evil darkness in the souls of men, its not something that can leave one oft with Wonder.

its something obvious, naked, blatant, and raw.

She also spoke a lot about things that feel more like canards in how they are used about Geographical ignorance talking about how people just try to live their life and get by

these days informing yourself about another country isn’t difficult… or even relatively time consuming but that fact combined with her “wonder” tells you what you need to know about the philisophic root of american leftism

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