Crom (Semester 2 day1 )

Crom…. a Yalpish word which gives me a good descriptor of just how I am feeling right now.

Funny thing on the way to the Forum today …. well last night Newt Gingrich was doing a special for Fox News about the High cost of education. The words of his speaking praise for community college and my own experience with community college where people actually were helpful as if (yes) you were why they had a job.

That was not what I experienced today coming into USF

I had that thought in the morning, the kind of thought that is some kind of latent human pre-cognition. that voice that tells you to do something good that you rarely listen to and almost immediately

and yeah… I forgot that voice. I thought “Two Hours… surely I don’t need two hours prep time”

and, when I started the first time with early morning classes I didn’t need to do that.

Sadly this is for a early afternoon/late morning class….

oh yeah I needed to do that.

I made multiple circuits of all the USF parking decks I knew and several I had only discovered today before finally finding a spot in the area around the Atheletics office… only finding that one because some one else was leaving. Gaining said parking spot approximately 30 minutes after class was over.

So far that was the high point of the day.

I went to one of the student information counselors located strategically about the campus on the first week

I explained the problem, and asked for their advice for a resolution because… I needed help.

My first stop was to a desk in yee old library computer lab. I sent a quick email throught he automated email system the school has.

I knew that was a 50/50 shot at reaching her… but I figured that was a good “if all else fails” move.

Then I went to hunt her down in her office. Which was locked for an hour lunch

now I don’t mind the office folks taking an hour off for lunch. But i do know very basic things like access to the professors offices and maybe a mild help in the middle of lunch would seem like human decency

But then I don’t administer a State Funded institution of higher learning.

Getting some bad info on where the teacher was I returned this time waiting for them to open up properly and dropped off a letter of much begging and a phone call.

Several more phone calls later and 2 trips to the registrars office I had to drop the class myself (before I was schedualed to be dropped) then register for another class

what a S.N.A.F.U

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