Liberate Athens

I remember reading a great book called “The Cartoon History of The Universe”

In this book it recounts (in a very punctuated manner) some events of the early history of the city of Athens. Early in her history Athens had the ideas of the democracy it would become famous for proposed but Athens instead became a Tyranny. Various people of influence realized finally “We’ve tried everything else so lets give this democracy a go.” but Athens had a blood and rather paranoid tyrant running things. The solution was found in various oracles.

The oracles all spoke a word, they spoke the word unambiguously and clearly to every Spartan who came seeking the advice of the gods

“Liberate Athens” they spoke.

As this made its rounds about Sparta the Spartans being a good and faithful folk went, liberated Athens, and then went home.

As the events that went on post 9-11, to the Ceder Revolution, to the massive student protests in Iran, to the War in Iraq, The current situation in Lebanon, and the defiance of Iranian women at the World Cup I hear these words whispered on the winds

“Liberate Athens.”

Though I do not see an Athens in the Fertile Crescent but I do see a struggle of people being oppressed by the worst regimes in the world today wanting something better as an alternative. And like those people of olden Greece they had no ability to liberate themselves.

And in discussions with people I hear often asked “Why the United States?” or “ Why should we be the world’s policeman?”

Well as events in Lebanon are showing us no one else will.

first over on Filibuster Cartoons a shot goes across the bow of Canada.

But our bragging hasn’t really kept up with reality, sadly. Canada no longer actually contributes very much to UN peacekeeping missions around the globe. Today we rank lower than several countries in Africa and South America in terms of participation.

Now the UN is begining a new, ambitious peacekeeping operation in southern Lebanon; perhaps the most ambitious peacekeeping operation in decades. Prime Minister Harper has made it very clear Canada will not be contributing to the mission.

I’m sure there are legitimate reasons, but still… isn’t it time we retired the myth of the Canadian peacekeeper already? You have to work hard to keep a reputation, and Canada simply isn’t doing that.

Simply put in much of the world the case for Social Democracy had been won by the wrong guys. The canadians who were rough and ready are at least a generation gone from this world now. They have not the strength for what needs to be done.

and over on TMV a shot goes across the bow of France. What makes it worse is during the Cedar Revolution when the hot hot lebanese women were out protesting for Freedom the French pushed for Freedom in Lebanon. But when push comes to shove the French are not willing to help birth a free Lebanon.

The Freedom of Other nations today is in our intrest in most of the world, but has the spite our political community generated blinded us and rendered us deaf to the cry

“Liberate Athens”

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