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Rosie attacked Star Jones for being fake about her weight and now look what NBC has done While CBS has done the same with Couric she hasn’t -to my knowledge- attacked anyone for being dishonest about their weight.

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International Issues and Actors

Great class but the only political Bias I seem to see is towards some of the prophetic views of the 7th Day Adventists

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Day By Day

Seen some of my links and/or know me personally and you know I love Web Comics. The (imho) best Political Web Comic of a Republican nature is Day By Day But I think Chris misses out on some of what … Continue reading

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Mexican Civil War

It could happen MEXICO CITY — Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, convinced he won’t be named president, plans to create a parallel government and is urging Mexicans not to recognize the apparent victory of the ruling party’s Felipe Calderon…… “Everything we … Continue reading

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Isn’t it amazing…..

My professor in my Hot Spots around the globe has an American-Left Internationalist point of view and it was pretty clear in her class…. But thats not what I am going to tear on about right now cause she like … Continue reading

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Japanese Class went Ok. I bought my textbook and it was really helpful. Walking around in the Florida sun in august is not my line of prefered travel…. But the rest of this will be in another Rant

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Preview: Semester 2-Day 2

I was actually able to get a decent parking spot arriving an hour early…. I think it comes down to the fact that these phantom and soon to be eliminated students don’t show up in the morning like they do … Continue reading

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I wonder if this made it on Fark

But a farker comment about it would be “Useless without Pics” Al-Press with the Low Down By CHISAKI WATANABE TOKYO (AP) – Japanese authorities reported Tuesday the first case in Japan of an Apple laptop catching fire and ordered the … Continue reading

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Semester 2 Day 1 Addendum

My second class was with Dr. Peng…. Dr. Peng is awesome and he will be teaching on the subject of Asia, primarily focusing on India, China, and Japan. While I think he like many scholars and investors is a tad … Continue reading

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Crom (Semester 2 day1 )

Crom…. a Yalpish word which gives me a good descriptor of just how I am feeling right now. Funny thing on the way to the Forum today …. well last night Newt Gingrich was doing a special for Fox News … Continue reading

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