Congressman Bernard Speaks out

Congressman Bernard Speaks out on Patriotism to a group of Boy Scouts Visiting his Washington Office.

Today meeting with a Scout Troop the Congressman spoke on the term of Patriotism

I was reading this interview with the Dixie Chicks and they asked a question. People care about Patriotism because they are part of something as American citizens, something larger then themselves. Being an American isn’t about your bloodline but about the ideas you embrace about how people should live and about the kind of society people should live in.

The problem people like that have, is that Patriotism is about a way of life. And thats why it matters. Its about our fathers and Grand Fathers who died for people in this country, and countries all over the world to have a better way of life. Thats why living a life of loving this country, even if you may not agree with others on what that love means is important to people.

The Chicks are transitioning to another form of music and attacking this country as a way to get ahead. Which is why they don’t understand why Patriotism matters because to them this is all about the Pay Check

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