The Alphabet of Manliness: Book Review.

On the front cover you see a man punching out a gorilla in pulp novel style and on the rear cover littered with such quotes as “ I think you’re a terrible person and I hope you get some psychiatric help. Go to hell.” doesn’t bother hiding anything. You can indeed judge this book by its cover. A book so awesome it needs an Alphabet of Manliness just to express it.

For those folks who know of Maddox and the unique humor his website titled, with all humility “The Best Page in the Universe

Each letter of the Alphabet corresponds to something Maddox deems as “Manly” Starting off with a picture of a Lumberjack punching Santa Claus with the humor we’ve come to expect out of Maddox and closes out with an essay on Corporate Zombies.

Maddox describes not just the universal humor of farting and how to train pirates for re-entry into normal society.

Maddox describes how to best cop a feel, and other adult oriented themes.

If you like Adult Humor, Lumberjacks, Pirates, Beef Jerky, and Women Wrestling you will love this book

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One Response to The Alphabet of Manliness: Book Review.

  1. Josh says:

    The greatest book ever! I nearly had a seizure from the sheer awesomeness and hilarity it brought. Maddox is a genius

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