Lionel Tate Back to Jail

Could the Al-Press get it accurate?

Foolish mortals AP has a 0 truth Guarentee

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Lionel Tate was sentenced Thursday to 30 years in prison for violating probation, the latest legal twist for the teenager convicted of murdering a 6-year-old girl in what his attorneys initially claimed was a pro wrestling move.

actually their first initial claim before the autopsy was that it was an accident

they claimed anything and everything they could to try to make others responsible for the fact Lionel was a monster.

“He continues to get bad advice from meddling third parties,” Williams said outside court.

Williams said Tate’s mother, Florida Highway Patrol trooper Kathleen Grossett-Tate, has told him he could win an appeal on the probation violation conviction, win his robbery case and leave jail in a year. She left court without commenting.

I wonder if that advice was that he should brutally murder and be a violent thug

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3 Responses to Lionel Tate Back to Jail

  1. Anonymous says:

    Given the mothers history, I think she has always wanted him in prison. She has left him with others most of his life so I think she keeps rejecting the plea bargains in order to send him away for life. I’m glad it worked. Even at 12 yrs old, there was no life or compassion in that monsters eyes.

  2. Tom Hackett says:

    When i was younger; probably between the ages of 7 and 12, my friends and i would often reinact professional wrestlers on a trampoline, on the couch or even in the garden… me and my friends thought it was all real, and i am under the impression that Mr. Tate when aged 12 was in the same frame of mind, he probably thought all the wrestlers were doing real things, and he thought he could do the same… being as the victims always walked away un-harmed. I do by no means think what happened was right, but to sentence a 14 year old child to life imprissonment without probation is extemely harsh; he was, from what i gather, a friend of his victim, and i have many friends who when wrestling i had no intentions of actually hurting, but since he was released and broke many of the rules he had been set i now think he is foolish and deserves to be where he is, but when he was younger he was too immature to understand the consequences of such actions.

  3. karasoth says:

    Well first of all… thanks for replying to a really old post LOL

    Second. The Wrestling story was the 2nd (or 3rd) story Lionel’s defense team told before the trial even started… VERY LIKELY its bogus

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