RINO Sightings-May Day Showtrial Edition

Comrades today I am shock to find much Counter-Revolutionary activity in the RINO Party. The following are to be considered highly counter-revolutionary and to be submitted for immediate re-education.

First Up Comrade Campbell is clearly failing to understand the role of western imperialists in manipulating gas prices

Frankly, the sooner gas hits about $7 a gallon, the better off we as a nation will be in the long run. It is my understanding that at around $6 a gallon, a lot of alternative fuel options suddenly start looking extremely cost-effective; there is going to be pain any way we play it, but we might as well try to grow up quickly and get over our extended, spoiled-brat adolescence as a nation… A case of arrested development that was made possible by using nonrenewable sources of cheap energy.

That particular party is over.

Over on Legal Redux more counter-revolutionary activity occurs in the exposure of the corrupt imperialist business interests bribing political So-Called elected officials

The second paragraph is even more disingenuous. Tom DeLay was the House Majority leader, any Republican with a leadership position owes it to DeLay. Should we retire all the folks in leadership positions because of an ongoing investigation with DeLay? Does McCloskey have any evidence of corruption in Pombo’s nomination to leadership? Because that might be worth discussing. As his allegation stands now, it is pointless political duplicity.

The fact that Pombo voted with DeLay consistently is a sign of social and fiscal conservatism, not fraud. And House Resolution 5 is a perennial measure dealing with generic ethics rules. Pombo’s support for HR5 does not constitute illegal or even grey area activity. It passed easily (224-192).

Comrade Don Surber’s focus on alcoholism of others is disturbing and we are focusing him on mental health training to prevent this from leading to further counter-revolutionary activity.

So there you have it. We send a guy out to check on underage drinking. He crashes his state vehicle. He tests positive for alcohol but he beats the rap because he chews tobacco.

Nor is Comrade Surber the only one showing signs of mental illness that could lead to counter-revolutionary thought. JD speaks of beer here, and asks other people to speak of beer.

Over on Kesher Talk unacceptable commentary about the Imperialispropagandada film United 93 is made.

Ron Rosenbaum and Lee Siegal take the Venus approach. This is not to disparage all you girly-girls out there. Venus brings valuable insights to the table. But Venus thinks courage and heroism and stoicism and fighting are dumb, and mess up her makeup too. Venus thinks the story arc is too simplistic, too linear. Typical boy stuff.

Redemptive uplift: It’s the official religion of the media, anyway. There must be a silver lining; it’s always darkest before the dawn; the human spirit will triumph over evil; there must be a pony.

That’s always been the subtextual spiritual narrative of media catastrophe coverage: terrible human tragedy, but something good always can be found in it to affirm faith and hope and make us feel better. Plucky, ordinary human beings find a way to rise above the disaster. Man must prevail. The human spirit is resilient, unconquerable. Did I mention there must be a pony?

9/11 is no different. Flight 93 has become 9/11’s pony.

Boys like explosions and car chases. Girls like complicated movies about relationships, which proves they are sophisticated. And if you actually get off on all this heroism stuff, then you are just a dumb jock.

Also these comments express an in-appropriate lack of equality between male and female comrades

Also Comrade Esmay views another film as
propaganda he has clearly embraced the Imperialist Western Agenda.

The SoCal Law Blog fails to attack the decadent Western Buisness for their punishment in their spanking of thproletariatte.

Comrade Hanna demands the Imperialists Disband Fema. Clearly this weakens out ability to execute re-education and is greatly counter-revolutionary

The Donovans have the proper ideology but will be brought up on counter revolutionary matters later

Pigilito speaks up for a clearly superstitious practice of some of the mosdecadentnt capitalist peoples ever.

The Donovans however speak unfavorably of disidents in the Imperialist system of the United States

Classical values is advocating reactionary responses on Immigration issues in the imperialist empire

I myself would never vote for Hillary. But the Republican establishment takes for granted at its peril the significant number of party faithful who may be sorely tempted to do so if the Bush betrayal at the border continues.

Hillary Rodham Buchanan? Don’t laugh. She could be the GOP’s worst nightmare in ’08.

On Armies of liberation they spread counter revolutionary thought as far away from Yemen and Import Yemeni counter revolutionary thought

The Parties have been judged and the sentance is listening to the paragon’s of the revolution at Air America.

That is All Comrades

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