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Painfully Funny moments on You Tube

I am sadly depressed because this whole thing makes sense to me

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Johnny Mac does it again

If you don’t think the way Johnny Mac wants you to think he won’t show up….. unless you keep the press away. Bilbray’s campaign spokesman, Steve Danon, said he got the first call from McCain on Monday to talk about … Continue reading

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For those

Who call this a Spanish Version of the Star Spangled banner let me take a moment to mock you. First English O say, can you see, by the dawn’s early light,What so proudly we hail’d at the twilight’s last gleaming?Whose … Continue reading

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Mushmouths and Milktoasts Unite

Because a Hard Core Democrat has started an organization just for you. Now lets take a look at some of the political animals listed on their founders council… Nicco Mele, Washington, DC. Internet strategist and webmaster for Dean 2004, … Continue reading

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Da Popa talk continues

Dean is going off on the Pope again and I have to take the other side of the argument (sort of) as hellbent on persecuting Jews or converting them by force. Now he says an assault on the Jews is … Continue reading

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Well my thoughts on the pope inspired….

Turned into a good turn of the word over at Dean’s world and Dean missed my point… and some one in his comment section showed more of the speech which (to my mind) makes the point further. I had to … Continue reading

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He’s not going to attack the Pope is he

As I rise from the torpid, lethargy my blogging has been in of late, the Pope has said something so stupid… so utterly foolish that I must rise up and speak. I am slightly annoyed that I must explain Christianity … Continue reading

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The Alphabet of Manliness: Book Review.

On the front cover you see a man punching out a gorilla in pulp novel style and on the rear cover littered with such quotes as “ I think you’re a terrible person and I hope you get some psychiatric … Continue reading

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More Bashing on John McCain

What many people don’t know is the Veteran Activist community hates John McCain with a passion. Now some of what they say about him collaberating with the enemy in Vietnam I just don’t know the quality of the information on … Continue reading

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