Images from a University campus

I found these pictures as part of a display on campus. I added a little title to show you my thoughts on the thing.

This appears (though on the board its hard to tell) to be from a gay group. So lets demonize all white boys… good times

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4 Responses to Images from a University campus

  1. Anonymous says:

    No problem.

    I have simply decided to shun females.

    Oh, civil at work, yes. But, I will avoid females as much as possible. I do not trust the vast majority and out of self-protection will avoid all females.

    If too many males decide Americane females aren’t worth the trouble of being around them well….. I hope the wimmenfolk enjoy their spinsterhood.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You’re absolutely right to shun females, Anonymous.

    This picture is disgusting, and from a female point of view, male-bashing has gone above and beyond common gender jokes and teasing.

    As an intelligent female I just want to let whoever reads this know that not all women are accepting of this behavior, and something will be done about it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have shunned the american female for 20 years! I don’t date…

  4. wildboy says:

    Who’s demonizing all white boys. As a straight white 21 year old man I don’t find this demonizing at all. It simply points out a truth that needs addressing, we need to educate my brothers as to how our actions are affecting the world. Help them to be more compassionate and accepting men. If you choose to see the negative connotations in a message meant to point out a dangerous trend in our society, then you’re just looking for it. I choose to see it as a warning signal of what needs to be paid attention to. We always have a choice how we react to things. I choose the positive road, I’m sorry you chose the negative.

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