The Cartoon Jihad is still on like Donkey Kong

I ignored some of the stories about it but it is clear now what happened. Michelle Malkin is trumpeting that case to.

but with this I see it as worthy to weigh in on

In an interview Thursday evening, South Park Executive Producer Anne Garefino revealed to me that the show was faced with two options: deliver the episode as written and animated with Mohammed shown and then allow Comedy Central to censor it, or edit out the disputed scene and write their own language explaining why Mohammed was not being shown and whose decision it was. “We wanted everyone to understand how strongly we felt about this,” said Garefino. Although the decision to omit Mohammed was not theirs, they wanted the language of the censorship disclosure to be their own.

Here’s the problem… Thankfully Matt and Trey identified this as an issue of fear. Because the end of the episode and some other content out of Viacom has shown their is no real concern about religous geelings.

The ad promotes MTV’s plan to broadcast a cartoon lampooning the pope and Vatican hierarchy. The series, Popetown, was considered too controversial to be aired in Britain, and it caused an uproar in the one country where it has appeared, New Zealand.

I think they did give us more honesty in the debate (which is good) But I think both comedy central and even matt and trey should have gone and done this better. I think South Park should have had censor bars over everything progressively increasing it until a series of black screens showed up.

but if anything Matt and Trey and their team won’t let it lay down with this.

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