My first Endorsements of the Primary/general election

I hearby Endorse Nancy Detert for District 13 Republican Nomination. Ms. Detert has been a very good State Rep and was a good school board member. If she chooses to leave the race at any point in the future My endorsement will go to Vern Buchanan

**PENDING a better candidate** I endorse Dr. Belinda Noah for the US senate Race and republican nomination for the same. In the event the Race comes down to Harris/Nelson my endorsement and vote will be going to Bill Nelson.

In the General election my vote and endorsement are going to John Wayne Smith (the Libertarian canidate for governor) under the general rubric of larry voting for folks he knows online

However for the Republican nomination for governor I endorse none of the candidates currently avalible…. as they are all abysmally Horrible.

For Attorney General I endorse Everett Rice in the primary

for CFO I endorse Tom Lee (for the moment)

for agriculture commission I endorse CHarles Bronson because of well…his name

For US house District 11 I endorse Mike Massaro for the primary and the nomination

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