Want your own TV channel? You want TV on "your time"

Well if the head man over at AOL is right having a TV channel may be as easy as just sitting around in your Pajamas

freaky deaky

“The industry is in the middle of a truly massive change,” Miller emphasised, pointing out that video consumption is exploding around the world.

“We will see video-on-demand” (VOD) becoming dominant in the next few years,” he said, adding on-demand programming is clearly what viewers want. ….
The amount of different forms of media being consumed will all increase. “Prime (TV) time will morph into My Time” and everything will go portable, were Miller’s predictions.

While he covers principly On-Demand content in his talk whats also clear is that once a large scale shift to On-Line and On-Demand Tv happens the economy of scale to have your own TV station will be much easier to meet. So Some day Inside Larry’s Head could be a network…. Or even just a show which sells itself on Demand to the audience

The Idea of “My Time” Tv and ala carte tv will really I think transform society in a lot of ways.

People will be able to vote with their feet on what shows they can and will watch. And more importantly when they watch them.

With a “My time” world their will be no more complaints about TV not being appropriate for your children… why because you will opt into it when and if you want

I say this is great for TV, and great for the internet

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