The Women keep sufferaging

This kid decided to rip a page out of the Man Show’s book

But local Web logs in recent days have dredged up the video, which was censored from Salesianum’s morning TV report.

The video chronicles senior Will Albino’s effort to enlist Padua girls to sign his petition to revoke women’s voting rights.

Some of the giggling or grinning girls — apparently misled — seemed all-to-eager to place their names in the mike-wielding Albino’s spiral-bound notebook.

Will Albino you are a hero.

McCandless faulted the boys for tongue-in-cheek tomfoolery at the expense of younger girls apparently caught off guard. “I just felt it really wasn’t fair, because they were going there with the purpose of tripping them up,” McCandless said.

This was a national school of excellence and a well known Man Show skit.

Once the video surfaced on various Internet sites, alumni and parents began to complain, too, Sister Ann Michele said. Some of the girls in the video were embarrassed, she said, and many others weren’t laughing.

“The vast majority of students are furious,” she said.

I’d be furious if I paid for that education and they didn’t know what Sufferaging is

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