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And now a moment for one of my favorite things on the Internet

I am addicted to Anime Music Videos, where you take clips from Anime with Music and I looooooooooove You Tube so here is something to share

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John McCain -thank you-

For Reminding me why I never wish to vote for you…ever (H/T Tapscott) I would rather have a clean government than one where quote First Amendment rights are being respected, that has become corrupt. If I had my choice, I’d … Continue reading

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Tastes Like….Chicken

Cap’n Ed came up with an idea to take the anti-war left’s worst Pejorative against them. Many on the left disagree, however, and often they provide challenging arguments and valuable perspectives on policy and the manner in which it gets … Continue reading

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I really want to not do this

But the urge to do it is to good “Get your stinking paws off me you D@mned Dirty Ape” The socialist PSOE party is apparently intent on introducing a bill aimed at giving apes the same rights as man, “and … Continue reading

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A question to other poli-bloggers and mostly poli-bloggers out there

Am I the only one whose gotten tired of the current US political scene?

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Potty Time

The following blog post will be discussing me in the bathroom you have been warned So after class (my second) Yesterday I got into the post clash rush to the bathroom and I had to pee pretty bad. Their were … Continue reading

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Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President, I have woken up today to what appears to be your lack of desire for the republican party to maintain a majority in 2006. “We’re going to have a tough summer because people are beginning to drive … Continue reading

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More Sanity in the middle east

Borat has a defender Dariga, one of the three daughters of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, said Kazakhstan’s furious reaction to Cohen’s alter-ego Borat character hurt the nation’s image a lot more than the jokes themselves. “This Web site ( damaged our … Continue reading

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From the "Things that are not news file"

We have another case of research proving things everyone already knew An almond-shaped cluster of neurons that processes experiences such as fear and aggression hooks up to contrasting brain functions in men and women at rest, the new research shows. … Continue reading

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When Campaign Finance goes wrong…..

From my old Stomping Grounds in Sarasota my prefered canidate for the District 13 seat has some problems. And when some one has problems the federal government finds a way to make them worse….. Randy Maddox, who was Detert’s campaign … Continue reading

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