John @ RWN goes off on Illegal immigration

And covers here many points I have covered before. But I want to stress one point of his because it does bare stressing.

7) Isn’t it practically impossible to deport all the illegal aliens? There is no bigger straw man in the whole debate over illegal immigration than the idea that you have to round the illegals up, one by one. There’s actually a much easier way to do it.

You see, the majority of illegal aliens are coming here to get jobs. If you crack down on the employers who are hiring them, then the jobs will disappear, and the majority of illegal aliens will self-deport.

Will every illegal alien go home if they can’t get a job? No, but the vast majority of them will and having, let’s say, a a few hundred thousand illegals in the US, as opposed to 8-20 million, would be a vast improvement.

Verifying your employement status isn’t very hard today. So INS going in and throwing people in jail at the employer level for hiring Illegal aliens would stop the problem at the source.

If employers know hiring an illegal alien means going to jail it will drastically reduce the number of illegals in the job market. If the people who allow them to violate the law in other ways (like getting illegal home loans and the like) go to jail to you will stop the flow in and many will flow out.

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