I Haven’t linked to The Moderate Voice in a while

But This article was just to good to ignore.

America. You will see a new phenomenon: legal alien residents like me will be trying to find ways to become illegal immigrants just so we can join the same line to citizenship that is denied to us as legal productive alien residents … And it will be the best $3000 we’ve ever spent – a small fraction of what’s it’s already cost me to conduct business here for just a year. I wonder if I’ll have to learn Spanish to fill in the forms? post on Illegal Immigration has brought it back out on me.

Once the word is out that America has created a line to citizenship for a cool 3000 bucks, it won’t just be America’s southern border that you’ll need to worry about. You’ll have tens of millions of Europeans and Asians flooding in (on airplanes, of course) and looking forward to the expiration of their tourist visas to join the new line as illegal immigrant guest workers, waiting for citizenship. Then watch out: the Europeans, at least, will be white, so no one will notice when they take the good jobs that upstanding Americans do want to do.

I think this may be a real unitended consequence that can occur. So will Asian and European immigrants get discriminated against if they do this?

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