St. Pete times gets it right

In their column where the chances of a donkey 06 gets poo poo’d

Then comes the hard part. Democrats will have to do something that requires political backbone, which has been sorely lacking in Washington. They need to throw away their “talking points” script, forget about focus groups and engage voters in some straight talk about what they would do to end the war, restore fiscal sanity in Congress, improve homeland security and repair the damage Republicans have done at home and abroad. Voters might like to know exactly what Democrats would do differently.

If Democrats don’t know what they stand for by now, then it should be obvious that they don’t stand for anything except what the pollsters and focus groups tell them is politically safe. What good is a message if it is not braced with principle and conviction?

But the editorial sums it up better here

Rep. Jim Cooper, D-Tenn., recently told the Washington Post: “The comment I hear is, “I’d really like to vote for you guys, but I can’t stand the folks I see on TV.’ “

People see what is going on, and thats why they aren’t going to win in 2006

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