Why is Liddy Dole in charge of anything?

BDP showed us ABP readers something to make any good Republican (even a Raging RINO Republican) Scream

Dole stressed that the NRSC does not take sides in Republican primaries — this has not always been the case — but did single out certain Republican candidates who, she said, are running strong races, including Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard in Michigan and former Ameritrade executive Pete Ricketts in Nebraska. Both Bouchard and Ricketts face primary opponents.

“Despite the atmosphere, these outstanding people have declared that they want to run, and it’s been our privilege to work with them,” Dole said.

Oh REALLY Liddy?

In RI, where the NRSC has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars slamming incumbent Linc Chafee’s primary opponent, Dole dismissed the idea that Chafee’s challenger could win. Dole: “I will not even entertain the idea that Steve Laffey will win the primary

You know I thought the woman was a no talent hack, but clearly she doesn’t realize we have the Internet. When you are getting out fundraised by a lot when compaired to your DSCC opponent you don’t have the money to entertain attacking another canidate of your own party. Which if what you said is true you shouldn’t be doing Liddy.

Why hasn’t this woman been fired?

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