They have English on the Internet now?

Finding English Language editions of Websites is awesome.

So the Website that confused me from Slovenia has an English equivilenth

Under the Media section is a list of links to stories about Ms. Iris Mulej and I am included in there.

So lets hear about this Nice woman who decided to link to my old blog post

I was born on June 19, 1981. I spent my childhood in the Slovenian small town of Podgrad but now I live in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.Arts and beauty bewitched me as early as I was a little girl when I used to create unusual trendy combinations borrowing my mother’s clothes and jewelry. Soon afterwards I began to sew my own clothes and make jewelry, at the beginning only for my dolls, later on also for myself. It was therefore no coincidence that I decided to study jewelry design.Then I got my first offers in modeling that led me from my hometown to big cities like Miami, Paris, Los Angeles, London, Istanbul, Muenchen… I also took part in seven national or world beauty contests and each one of them brought me some title or a crown. The last titule Miss Universe Slovenia 2002 has been the dearest to me so far. I keep some magnificent memories on the Miss Universe beauty contest 2002 that was held in Puerto Rico – I was even elected Miss Best Figure! Since I handed over my crown I have been participating in the Miss Universe Slovenia project.In Slovenia, I have become well known also by my fashion designeing and styling, and I have already dressed up many famous Slovenians. One of my strongest wishes is to develop my own fashion line of clothes and jewelry.

MISS UNIVERSE – BEAUTY CONTEST Slovenia began to participate in the Miss Universe beauty contest in 2001, and since then the national beauty pageant Miss Universe Slovenia for Miss Universe has gradually improved in terms of quality and gained popularity. At the world level, the contest has a 50-years-old tradition and the best ratings besides the Oscar awards. The ownership of the pageant was acquired by Donald Trump who is married to the Slovenian beauty Melanija Knavs, while the Delo Revije company acquired the license for Slovenia. I will never forget the February 14, 2002 when I was elected Miss Universe Slovenia for Miss Universe 2002 in the Slovenian town of Maribor. When Slovenia’s Miss Universe contestant 2001, Minka Alagič, handed over the crown I could not hold back tears of happiness. With that very moment, when I was crowned Miss, my life completely changed. I became part of the Slovenian media scene. I attended various events accompanied by a bodyguard and I had my personal driver. Photographers were shooting all the time, I was in the newspapers and on the TV – the doors of new opportunities opened for me and I took my chance to show the world my artistic side, not just the wide smile of a beauty queen. However, at the Miss Universe beauty contest in Puerto Rico I experienced the real celebrity life. At every step, we were followed by crowds of bodyguards who took care of our safety from the moment we arrived to the airport to the moment we entered our rooms. The whole world was following what was going on in Puerto Rico where gathered beauties from all over the globe. Each of us was a queen! It was unforgettable! What is more, in Puerto Rico I did not pass unnoticed. I was elected Miss Best Figure by my co-contestants, which was also broadcasted live on the TV, besides I shared the Best Legs Title with six other girls. At the end of the show Donald Trump himself approached to me and he turned out to be a very pleasant person to talk to. After I handed over my crown to Polona Baš, the offers kept coming, so I continue to work as a model, photo model, creator and stylist. My co-operation with the national beauty contest organizer, Delo Revije, covers castings, as well as work with finalists and with the new Miss. I also developed and introduced the idea of the imaginative national costume for the world finals in which a Miss would be attractive and feel comfortable.For Slovenia’s Miss Universe contestant in 2004, Sabina Remar, I created a golden costume with edelweiss flowers, which symbolized our highest mountain called Triglav – sometimes also named the Golden Mountain. And the costume of this year’s Slovenia’s Miss Universe Dalila Dragojevič, symbolized the white dove –the logo of the White Dove foundation whose main priority is to spread peace around the world. The white costume from 12 metres of white silk was decorated by 300 pieces of feathers and 5,000 crystals by Swarovski.Best regards,Iris MulejBeauty means to be in touch with the Universe! (Christian Morgernstern)

Over here you can look at her photo’s…. and she is 5 years younger then I am

Well thanks for giving me traffic and when Blogger is up I’ll be linking to your site

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