Still more reason not to fear the Hildabeast

Lets face it *I* just love pointing out the many reasons why Hillary Clinton running for President may be on an order of magnitude one of the dumbest choices any political figure could make. So when I see another oppertunity to point that out and mock those in the vast right wing conspiracy who rub hands togther and say “Oh what are we going to do about Hillary” I with glee jump on it.

If you haven’t realized now the Anti-War people want the democrats to be their vote. So when things like this happen its clear why Hillary is going to lose.

Two Pace University students were questioned by Secret Service officers after they heckled former President Clinton during a speech at the school, a university spokesman said.

The hecklers shouted “war criminal” when Clinton answered a law student’s question about the value of working for peace, Pace spokesman Christopher T. Cory said.

But wait Larry, you say, This is Bill Clinton they are heckling. Yes this is BILL CLINTON they are heckling. Its like this Hillary’s clame to fame is that she is Clinton-The Sequal. So she has to distance herself from Bill. But at the same point in time by distancing herself from Bill she loses out to those folks who wanted “four more years” of Bill. So When Bill is unpopular that means Hillary has to lean more away from the horn of “Distance from Bill” but that puts her close to being gored by the horn “We want more Bill.”

Yes Kids she just can’t win.

If she is to much like Bill she loses
If she isn’t enough like Bill she loses

lets watch her explode

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