So I was forced to listen to George Clooney’s speech

Because My local Morning FM station of choice was playing it. So I want to say some things to Mr. Clooney

If you want to be out of touch thats fine, but if you do that then you as an industry need to accept some things.

If we are out of touch with the entertainment needs of our audience, that will be the major reason they are not in theaters. I don’t think your or Sean Penn’s position on US foriegn policy will keep people out of theaters, but I do think the kind of movies Hollywood makes will. Maedea’s Family Reunion is #1 again at the box office and under the Hollywood Radar. Why is it making money, because Tyler Perry says “people want to see a movie that does x “and he goes out there and gives them X. Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ (a movie I absolutely hated) followed a crest of Religous themed films and made a obscene amount of money on the death of Christ. It reminds me a lot of the bad old days in the 1960s and 70s that my hero Robert Evans had to solve at Paramount. He made movies people wanted to see, and people went to see them. I know this is a strange idea so I will repeat it again “He made movies people wanted to see, and they went to see them.”

A single person like myself cannot go to a theater, buy a bucket of pop corn and a drink for less money then the cost of a DVD. So pay more money, and get an experience that is -frankly- less then pleasent or wait till it comes out on DVD and get it myself. I tell you if it is a movie I’d like…. That isn’t a difficult choice to make at all.

George Clooney has only made one Movie (Ocean’s 11) that is any good in his career. As an actor he has to be carried by casts of people far better then he is, and frankly his winning an award was simply attrocious.I will say he is far better at making a movie (Confessions of a Dangerous mind) then he is at acting in them…. so his over rated tired behind up on the stage babling on about being out of touch is truely ludicrous… but you want to know whats more ludicrous? his defense

When Hollywood was behind the civil rights movement while it was popular their were no illusions of morality to Jim Crowe in the south and their hadn’t been for some time. What is hollywood out of touch with today? Brutal dictators should remain in power and allow their people to be dehumanized while we live in absolute wealth and power. These two ideas are so morally different in value it boggles the mind that anyone could be so addled in the brain as to compare them.

So babble about being proud to be out of touch George, while you are so out of touch with why that is really important.

Proudly embrace the morallity of morally indefensible positions.

yet another reason why I never watch the oscars

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