I’m Ok you’re Ok Hildabeast Edition

Many people say the woman is angry… but instead of trying to speak in a less snarly fashion which ya know… you kind of would want to do if you are running for president our girl Hildy has another idea.

“When you run as a Democrat, and in particular, when you run as a Democratic woman, whether you’re running at the local, state or national level, it’s likely you’re going to draw some unfriendly fire,” Clinton said at a breakfast fundraiser hosted by black and Hispanic women supporters. “People will be attacking you instead of your ideas, they may impugn your patriotism, they may even say you’re angry.”

as Dick Morris outlined in the books he’s written on the woman Hillary takes critiques on herself and extends them to -all- women.

I of course can and will (again later) Impugn her Patriotism -especially if she is foolish enough to run for president-

But she doesn’t address the anger

She added, “If they do that, wear it as a badge of honor, because you know what? There are lots of things that we should be angry and outraged about these days.” She cited, among other things, the federal budget deficit, lobbying scandals in Washington, and the government’s slow response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Yeah but here is the thing Hillary

You cast votes to contibute to the Deficit… You’ve owned part of the Lobbying scandals yourself… so as some Psychologists would say your anger is really internalized frustration that can’t find an outlet

But their is another thing. Constructive outlets.

You as a member of the United STates Senator have an ability to channel the Outrage which -heck- I’ll agree with you on 110% into a constructive manner by being a better person then a guy angry in a bar over his taces being to high.

Until now, she has not said she considered any of the criticisms gender-based, although many observers have done so.

Again I could pull out the many ones Dick Morris Documented from 92-2000 she claimed. She always says criticisms of her are Gender based.

But why would the media bother to report important facts?

So we see here Hillary taking a flaw she’s had since her dawn on the public scene and has simply refused to acknowledge it is a problem

so I guess she buys into the “I’m Ok, You’re Ok” school of thought.

But as her bitter angry reaction to talk about her anger shows… she isn’t ok at all

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