Lets kick the Governor of Illinois while he is down

Blago is simply a fool who is only governor of Illinois due to the massive corruption and Implosion of the Illinois Republican party.

I could mock him for his not knowing what the daily show was or any of his other pathetasad policies but this article from 365gay.com shows not just what a fool Blago is but just how sad the State of the Democratic party is….

Blagojevich appointed Muhammad to the commission in August, but she drew no public attention until inviting other commissioners to attend a Farrakhan speech last month. Some commissioners began criticizing her presence on the panel, and the criticism increased after Farrakhan’s speech Sunday at Chicago’s United Center included references to “Hollywood Jews” promoting homosexuality and “other filth.”

Clearly she should be fired….but not just was Blago a fool for appointing her (especially without knowing) it now seems he can’t fire the woman at all.

The Rev. Michael Pfleger, the white pastor of a mostly black Chicago church and a friend of Muhammad, said Blagojevich would generate enormous anger if he removed Muhammad from the commission.

“If you are not willing to stand up in difficult times, don’t pretend to be a supporter of black issues, of the black community,” Pfleger said. “Now is a test for him.”

Meanwhile, Blagojevich is being accused of “appeasement” and cowardice by gubernatorial rival Edwin Eisendrath, who trails badly in the Democratic primary. Republicans are also calling for Blagojevich to remove Muhammad.

even worse Gay Groups in Illinois want to allow her to stay

Garcia, of Equality Illinois, praises Muhammad and wants her to stay on the commission, but he doesn’t understand why Blagojevich didn’t avoid this whole controversy.

Their is no reason this woman should have ever been appointed to the commission but it shows a failure in competency in Springfield and in the Democratic party

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