Joe Rogan you sir Suck

You are a no talent reality show hack, you ruined the Man show and have done marginal supporting comedic work in the past but that Joe Rogan is not why you suck. You sir suck because of arguing with some one on the Internet.

—————– Original Message —————-

From: Kevin

Date: Mar 1, 2006 4:17 PM

Joe Rogan, I hate you… you’re not funny…

—————– Original Message —————–

From: Joe Rogan

Date: Mar 1, 2006 8:07 PM

I love the fact that you need attention so bad that you had to email me that. That makes me feel happy 🙂 Enjoy your depression. —–

I put myself in Joe Rogan’s shoes

Wealthy Comedian, has a TV show.

I get a flame email from some deuchebag on the internet

I laugh, i find the delete button. I go back to being a celeb and having the lifestyle my money

That is the only way to handle that. But of course Joe Rogan needs to fluff up his ego by an Internet flamewar

and that Joe Rogan is why you suck. We endorse celebrities because they are an escape for us. and you suck because you have now brought it all down to our level

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