The Abortion fight is On like Diddy Kong

and Newsmax is there. I had my questions about South Dakota’s plan because well on Abortion Issues and well…American politics in general South Dakota is weird but in Mississippi home of olde school RNC chair now Governor (and possible Presidential canidate) Haley Barbour is entering the fray I say the abortion war is A-U-W-N On

The Mississippi lawmaker who introduced the near-ban, Democrat Steve Holland, said he acted because he was tired of piecemeal attempts to add new abortion restrictions year after year. Holland said he has voted for some abortion restrictions and against others in the past. “I have a strong dilemma within myself on this,” Holland said. “I can only impregnate. I can’t get pregnant myself.”

Yes folks a Democrat is playing politics on Abortion in a method to defuse it. Using the common Pro-Choice line he has been tired of being forced to take mealy mouth political choices so he is putting it on the State legislature.

This is why we needed to Pro-Abortion and Anti-Abortion groups duking it out during the Senate hearings so none of them would be causing crazy laws to get passed.

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