I can’t believe this

I was working on a paper and I heard a idiotic bit of Television with John Fund and some Port Insider trying to paint this all about Islamaphobia.

Ug… Ok lets start off
Singapore is different then the UAE.
Sigapore is different then China
China is different then the UAE

All three of these countries have state have (or in the case of the UAE will have) port companies in this country that are state ran/state owned.

A State Owned company is different then a Private company. And a State owned company that allows some investment is different then a state owned company is owned fully by the government.

This does prove a relevancy as the Coast Guard concerns have shown as the state intrests can through this position impact public security. So a state entity that is not profit driven given these roles becomes a serious question….

Now some of the proposals I am hearing that the company is willing to do I think take care of those issues.

Now China subverts US policy, The UAE has played a role in the past that hasn’t been very good for US intrests (today is a different matter but the jury is still out). While the United Kingdom and the Netherlands have not. They have been fairly consistantly behind US political intrests.

So to imply that their is no way to reasonably put the UAE to a different standard is truely foolish and the implication of racism is only going to make opposition calcify

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