Dean Esmay takes us to outer space

With this look at a fascinating New Scientist article

Astronomers searching for advanced life beyond Earth should focus their attention around beta CVn, a binary star roughly 26 light years away that resembles our Sun.

The recommendation comes from a shortlist of likely life-bearing systems compiled by Margaret Turnbull, at the Carnegie Institution of Washington, and presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in St Louis, Missouri, US.

She adds that researchers looking for any kind of life – including basic forms that could not send communications to Earth – should take a particularly close look around another star, epsilon Indi A.

Both of the stars share similar traits, Turnbull says: “They’re mature, very stable, calm stars. They’re stars that are acting like they’re taking care of someone.”

This is the kind of neat science fans of Dean’s world have come to expect from him.

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