Some one else carries the torch

On the “Christian Terrorists” Theme

Like the poor, we will always have “murderous Islamo-fascists” with us. The question is whether they remain marginalized or whether they are able to radicalized, and garner support from, the population which surrounds them. We have “murderous Christiano-fascists” right here in the US — and we’ve seen their handiwork, including church and synagogue firebombings — but their popular support is pretty much limited to the God Hates Fags “church” and a few other cranks.

Point #1) Islamo-Fascism is all about the political freedom they have. Has very little to do with their faith. If an Islamic middle class exists in Riyadh to Jakarta we won’t see their like again. If a free and open society can be found from Cairo to Kabul with a real economic ability to be free their kind will be long gone. They use religion but use a religious nationalism which just simply exists in Islam…The only faith out there which can have an even comparable religious nationalism call is Judaism which exists only in the most recent history of the Jewish state which shows its most significant difference.
Point #2) Just as I pointed out that the KKK isn’t a Christian terrorist group (If it is you’d have to say the Mafia is a catholic criminal organization… Please do say that I’d love to see how that works out for you) and much like Christian Identity nutters aren’t Christian in any way other then they say so the same applies to Fred Phelps. His ideology is such that he isn’t Christian… He may say he is Christian but I can also say I am vetoing a bill in the Galactic Senate.

There are reasons for the difference. One of those reasons is US foreign policy, especially since 1990. That’s just a fact. If you don’t believe me, stick a couple of Syrian divisions in Chicago and see how quickly the locals (and the St. Louisians, and the Detroiters) begin to warm up to “Christiano-fascist” car-bombings — and, sooner or later, “Christiano-fascist” ideas.

Hmm so where are all the terrorist acts in Japan, Germany (they happened when their country was poor and broken..not anymore), How about Korea, England, Italy

oh wait putting troops in a country doesn’t cause terrorism…

also where were the Us troops in Afghanistan when the Taliban helped them support Terrorism..or pakistan

That is not what the Islamic terrorism is all about…. I mean I am sure from a leftist/borderline Marxist critique that sounds nice warm and snuggly but it just isn’t so.

Freedom and economic oppertunity breed terrorists not occupation

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