I saw this on Polipundit

This is frankly exceptionally choice.

Remember this will all comes from a DNC press release….

Democratic National Committee Chairman
Howard Dean today outlined the Democratic Party’s strong, positive agenda of reform on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. The following are excerpts of Dean’s interview with Wallace:

So the new Ideas….?

On the State of the Union:

I think most Americans think the state of the Union is in pretty difficult shape right now. We do need some new ideas on the economy. The Democrats have put forward a jobs plan that has to do with energy independence. We do need a healthcare system that works for everybody. And, frankly, I think we need a little better work on defense. We’re worried about the troops not being taken care of properly in

this is it…. but whats in the rest of the PR?

Why what do you think….BASH BUSH FEST

think the President is going to have a lot of explaining to do….
So, you know, we all want the President to succeed, but the President hasn’t succeeded. I think that’s because he has a lack of vision and, frankly, he hasn’t been truthful to the American people and people, frankly, just don’t believe him anymore, and that’s a real problem for him.(on the President’s lack of Credibility)…..
We need a President that will lead the nation but a President that will follow the law. The law says that if the President thinks Al Qaeda is an imminent threat and he wants to spy on them, he can do that immediately, but he’s got to get a warrant after the fact……
We are asking the President to follow the law when he does so. No one should be above the law. Not even the President of the United States……
Look, I think the President should release the information about when Jack Abramoff was at the White House…..
We need to know who Jack Abramoff met with in the White House and did he meet with the President in the White House? …..

Oh and when he wasn’t bashing the President he was bashing the Republicans in general

so when a PR claims he is out selling new ideas how many do they focus on


Welcome to the Perpetual Minority project of Howard Dean

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