Drudge with the flashy flashy

Matt Drudge with what should be the Captain Obvious moment of the day

Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill are privately bristling over Howard Dean’s management of the Democratic National Committee and have made those sentiments clear after new fundraising numbers showed he has spent nearly all the committee’s cash and has little left to support their efforts to gain seats this cycle, ROLL CALL reports.

Little money coming in + large scale spending to grow “the base” = HEY WHERE’S THE MONEY

shocking notion. also more shocking is the fac t traditionally the DNC has run deficits and paid the loans off with fundraiser money….

republicans have well banked money and used it for operations

guess which one is winning more elections.

Congressional leaders were furious last week when they learned the DNC has just $5.5 million in the bank, compared to the Republican National Committee’s $34 million.


Constantly getting but kicked in fundraising McFly…hello

“A lot of people are scratching their heads as to what’s going on,” said one senior Democratic aide.

as have we in the right-o-center blog world as to why you guys haven’t fired him

after a underwhelming showing in the 06 elections i predict a firing of howard dean and…Howard Dean 2008


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