Media figures say the darndest things

Aaron Brown rolled out some lovely little blurbs here

“Truth no longer matters in the context of politics and, sadly, in the context of cable news,”….
“Cable didn’t search for the truth, but engaged in mock debates pitting those making the charges against Murtha’s defenders,” …..
“You’d think that it’s no more complex than good vs. evil,” …..
“It’s not enough to say you want serious news. You have to watch it. It isn’t enough to say you want serious debate. You have to engage in it.”….

Aaron i liked your show but DUDE get off your high horse. We have back to the days of the dominance of broadcast news Stories broadcast by the likes of Dan Rather that were ridiculously untrue but because he controled the gates of media in his day no one looked into it. The media has never EVER been intrested in truth, they’ve been intrested in what sells their product.

You say this while you worked for a network which hid brutal attorcities to get the right to broadcast from a repressive dictatorship.

Physician heal thyself.

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