More Bad news for the Hildabeast

Matt Drudge is on the case

CNNGALLUP found that 51 percent say they definitely won’t vote for Clinton (D-N.Y.) in 2008, another 32 percent might consider it, and only 16 percent vow to back her. That means committed anti-Hillary voters outnumber pro-Hillary voters by 3-1. The poll suggests she can forget about crossover votes – 90 percent of Republicans and 75 percent of conservatives say there’s no way they’d back her.

both the first and last half are telling

Republican registrations have been rasing while the potential electorate seems to shift her way.I don’t see 2008 as feasible for her and while she might shift the 51% “no way” down to a 45% that still means that anyone running against her has a 45%-51% cushion built in.

Thats going to make it impossible for the Democrats to win, or to even reach out because anything which alienates a decent sized sector of their base will lead to a huge loss.

while the republicans if she is the nominee will have a much easier time reaching out because of her very strong and very hard negatives

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