Watching 20/20 on Self Made man

Watching her talking about Male and Female sexuality. Its very intresting having her talk about datying women. They show this woman in a pick up situation with the very clear “god get this loser away from me” face on. and how the woman does a complete 180 when she gets let in on the secret and apologises for the Brush off and trying to trick him out of hitting on her.

Its intresting that she would respect Nora and not Ned.

Her talk about how the dates were rarely fun as she had to spend so much time proving herself for women.

I do think she is off base with strip clubs but this wasn’t an uber focused study and didn’t talk about how a lot of men don’t like strippers.
Also intrestingly her saying women really didn’t want a “Woman in a man’s body”.

definately would like to get my paws on this book.

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