For those folks who fear the Red Dragon

You should look at this. Much like Japan having the prime minister declaring Americans “Fat and Lazy” while their labor ministry spoke of the American worker as handily more efficent then the Japanese workers their is an issue on “face” in oriental culture.

Wen’s warning underscored rising concerns over lagging economic growth in rural China, home to at least two of every three Chinese. Stagnating rural incomes have created an underclass of impoverished farmers lacking affordable access to basic public services such as health care and education.

One of the greatest threats to stability stems from seizures of farmland for property development and other construction projects, Wen said the text of a speech carried in major state-run newspapers.

Disputes over compensation for land seizures have provoked thousands of protests among farmers outraged over the loss of what they view as their most fundamental asset. Incomes in rural areas average about $300 a year, compared with urban incomes of $1,000.

So 2/3rds of the Chinese people are having their land seized and an inability to get any basic goods and services…..

This wouldn’tbe anything like oooooh the revolution Mao started to overthrow the government in China.

But the most serious aspect of this is it may impact China’s ability to feed its people.

Wen warned that such problems threaten China’s ability to feed its 1.3 billion people, despite bumper harvests that raised grain production to an estimated record 484 million tons last year.

Production this year could suffer from unstable grain prices, unpredictable climate and shrinking arable land, Wen warned. He called for keeping grain prices steady, while curbing “excessive” increases in the prices of farming materials, such as fuel, fertilizer and seeds.

A Nation that loses its ability to feed its people reasonably is a nation one should worry about. When it consumes resources rapidly beyond their ability to control it… this is problematic.

China has a potential time bomb of their own in the near future.

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