Europe is juuuuuuuuuust fine

Pay no attention to the Eurabia in the mirror.

A school in Amsterdam has introduced separate entrances for white and coloured pupils. At the Rietlanden/8th Montessori school in the east end of Amsterdam there are two separate entrances 30 metres apart, one for native Dutch children and one for immigrants. The school authorities claim that this situation has nothing to do with racism because the school welcomes children from all ethnic groups. All it wants is for them to enter through different doors. The school constitutes a complex with two sections. One, the coloured section, is called “Rietlanden,” the other, the white section, “8th Montessori.”

Now why are our good friends the Dutch making a segregated school system? well… it shows that Dutch Society is not dealing well with the coming of Eurabia.

“For one reason or another our school had acquired a bad reputation,” headmistress Annemieke van der Groen says. “In such a case you can invest in quality as much as you like, but it is difficult to convince white parents to enroll their children here. If they come to have a look, they say ‘You know, with all these black children’ and enroll their children elsewhere.” Hence, the two entrances and different names for the same school.

First association of the dutch school marm? they are bigoted. Now then as we’ve seen in previous stuff on the interweb some of this immigrant children have been disruptive and down right violent in class….. so making two seperate campuses… that is CLEARLY the way to solve this problem.

now what does the Pro-Immigrant side toss out? something really better…..well Not really.

Local councillors Fatima Elatik and Ahmed Aboutaleb are not happy with the situation. They are in favour of mixed schools and suggest enforcing this by forbidding white parents from enrolling their child in a school unless they bring along a non-white couple with a child to enroll as well. Deputy headmistress Nelly Bruin of the Rietlanden school opposes such a measure: “What you will see then is that highly educated parents will bring along educated immigrants. You will end up with schools for uneducated immigrants and white trash. That is not what you would want either.

So….. Lets force people into a situation where you can only get your kid into school by bringing your token muslim-immigrant friend with you.

Yes clearly THAT is an intelligent idea.

what is more intresting in this analysis from The Brussels Journal is just how serious a major anti-immigrant backlash could be and just how close it may be.

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